Saturday, July 20, 2013

Identity Theft Prevention Information

Everyone must be mindful of some basic identity theft prevention tips and techniques due to the serious consequences of getting personal identifying information taken. Your financial situation can be adversely impacted by identity theft and, in fact, having your identity stolen could affect many different areas of your life. This is why it is so important to understand how to protect yourself from having your ID stolen both when you're on the Internet and also when you're offline, as you are always at a risk of ID theft if you aren’t reasonably cautious.

Identity Theft Prevention Online
Protecting your identity online means being mindful of dishonest people who want to get hold of your personal information. For instance, identity thieves might try to use emails, unsecured networks or even fake websites to get your data. To protect yourself, only give out personal details on sites that are denoted as secure (you’ll see an “S” in the HTTPS website address and you’ll see a little lock at the base of the window on a secured site). Don’t hand out identifying data or info via email and be careful about what you share on unsecured networks.

Identity Theft Prevention in the Real World
There are some real-world risks for having your identity stolen in addition to dangers on the Internet.  For example, dishonest people can even search old mail in order to get your personal data. Opting out of credit card marketing material along with other promotional mailers that have personal details on them is one easy way fight against this type of identity theft. You can also shred any mail or documents with personal information in them before throwing those documents out.

Options for Identity Theft Prevention
Another approach in the fight against identity theft is to work with an ID theft prevention service. IDENTITY GUARD®, for example, helps you to be notified quickly if certain triggering events occur that suggest your data may be getting misused. You can then check into what's going on and act fast to resolve the issue if someone has compromised your information and did start to misuse it for dishonest reasons. Reacting quickly makes it much easier for you to deal with the misuse of your data. For example, instead of having 20 credit cards opened by an identity thief that you need to cancel and have taken off your credit report, you might find out that someone has stolen your identity after they’ve just begun to misuse your information. This would mean a lot less hassle for you, thanks to this strategy of identity theft prevention. To get your coverage going before it's too late, sign up at

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